What We Do


1. Music Publisher & Record Label

Bona Vee Music (CAE/IPI No: 238860739) - with its own independent record label - is Bona Vee Music LLP's front desk. We publish, record/produce and release the material of our signed singers and/or songwriters while we pitch material to suitable singers worldwide for potential recording or cover.

Our artistes' albums and individual tracks, are distributed by CD Baby, U.S.A and are always available for streaming and downloading worldwide on all platforms; Spotify, YouTube, Apple and over 100 others.

As a BMI/Harry Fox-affiliated music publisher, we welcome JVs, sub/co-publishing and master tape licensing deals with foreign music publishers and record companies (labels).

2. Film Production & Publishing

Production of musical videos, feature and documentary films, as well as TV serials, is part of our work. We are always willing, and able to make full productions on behalf of clients. We are particularly keen on producing exciting and incisive musical videos and documentaries for international consumption. Our productions are in English, and any production in another language will be fully sub-titled in English.

N.B. Our feature and documentary films, musical videos and TV serials, when available, can be accessed via digital streaming/downloading platforms, as advertised.