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(Vol. 1) (BVMCD 005) by Various Artistes (12 tracks)

*Cynthia (3 tracks)
*Dickson Ek (3 tracks)
*Pap Leo (3 tracks)
*B.B. Jo (2 tracks)
*The Undertakers (1 track)

An AWARD WINNER any day, this compilation CD, PURE & SIMPLE (Vol. 1) (BVMCD 005) by Various Artistes, a Bona Vee production, is a melting pot of the most exciting radio-friendly West African sounds, with all their influences... R&B, Easy Listening, Soukous/Makossa, Soul, Pop, Gospel. This is the new sound of West Africa, rendered mainly in English and French. The simplicity of the 12 songs is something to cherish. Variety is indeed the spice of life.


(BVMCD 002) by Cynthia (12 tracks)

Are you in the mood for love? Then try lovely CYNTHIA, a graduate of Music and English, for size! Cynthia is arguably Nigeria's Queen of Pop. Her sweet vocal style is highly 'infectious'. She dedicates "Cos I Love Him" to all those in love, in spite of opposition from various quarters, due to skin colour, race, religion, ethnicity and/or social/family background. Hear her;

" . . . Life has not been the same since I found my man / They tell me love is black and then say it's white / How can I get things done with such confusion? / I know that love is blue Mama told me so . . . "

"Can It Be True?" is a question from Cynthia to you, following her encounter with the man in Downing Street. Know him?

" . . . How much love is enough for you? / Please love teach me how to love you / 'Cos losing you will mean the end / Don't let it be the journey's end . . . ", laments Cynthia in "The Journey's End".


(BVMCD 008) by The Undertakers (1 track)

In "A Star Is Gone (Remix)", The Undertakers, in their characteristic style, lament the demise of a yet-to-die showbiz star!

This group's members' identities remain a mystery, though they are all believed to be Nigerians! Their music, which is best appreciated with a pair of stereo headphones on, though mystical, is really fascinating! One listener opined that their music's effect on a man, is more potent than the consumption of cocaine or heroin!

The Undertakers are currently in the recording studio (on Mars?), working on their debut album, tentatively titled, “Undertakers At Large”.

The Undertakers Bio

Favourite Artistes: Dead stars who took their own lives
Favourite Sport: Russian Roulette (Live)
Favourite Colour: Pitch Black (The darker, the better!)
Ambition: To die young and have nice looking corpses!

"Say No To Drugs"
If you want to get high and reach for Cloud 9, simply use a very good set of headphones to listen to 'A Star Is Gone (Remix)' 💪🏽


(BVMCD 004) by B.B. Jo (10 tracks)

"Take Me Back" (BVMCD 004), the sensational album from Nigerian singer/songwriter, B.B. Jo, is a masterpiece that is destined for the very top. If you love natural, radio-friendly Soul/R&B/pop crossover music, then this CD is for you. With this CD, love is truly in the air! Each track is a potential international hit single!

B.B. Jo has, at various times, been described as Nigeria's answer to America's Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. Listen to "Take Me Back", "Somebody Cares", "Come Home My Darling", "Ride To Hell" and "Together We Could Be" (a duet with Dickson Ek), to appreciate her singing depth, power, and total commitment to her trade. Simple but effective delivery of simple English songs - all written by B.B. Jo and produced by Bona Vee.


(BVMCD 001) by B. B. Jo (12 tracks)

This album is as expected, is a worthy follow-up to the 'Take Me Back' album. B. B. Jo goes uptempo in a couple of tracks (Congratulations to dance freaks). 'Baby Babe' and the title track, 'Rhythm Master' are destined for the dance floor worldwide.

As expected, the slow jams feature prominently. 'I Say It Aloud', 'Pardon Me', 'Where Does Love Live?' come to mind. B. B. Jo goes French in 'Love You, Need You', co-written with her producer, Bona Vee.


(BVMCD 011) by B. B. Jo (1 track)

This song is from B. B. Jo's 'Take Me Back' album. It has just been released as a single, by popular request (for Valentine's Day?). It's a superb love song rendered in the singer's characteristic style. The 'Simply My Rainbow' effect definitely goes beyond Valentine's Day. Yeah, love is truly always in the air!


(BVMCD 006) by Dickson Ek (12 tracks)

"Word Of God" (BVMCD 006), is a worthy follow-up to Dickson Ek's debut, "The Wages Of Sin" (BVMCD 003). This is good inspirational music with superb entertainment value. Yes, you can now actually praise and worship the Almighty Father, without tears. Gospel music has indeed arrived!

DICKSON EK is a Nigerian contemporary gospel/pop crossover music singer/songwriter who, though generally sings in English, blends West African with American/European sounds, to create a very simple, yet captivating product. He started performing live at the tender age of 10! However, his big break came several years ago when he gave an electrifying performance in front of 10,000 people at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Many at the concert likened him to ‘a certain American pop icon’. He was aged 16! He has not looked back ever since. His ambition? - "To win souls for Christ through music, dance, and drama". If you were looking for real innovative contemporary gospel/pop crossover music, then look no further - Dickson Ek is it!

In "Word Of God" and "Fear Not", he blends Nigeria's Yoruba language with English, to make his powerful clarion call to all, to turn to God.

Meditation time? Then check out "Put Your Trust In God", "Repent Now", "Do You Know?", "Jesus Cares" and "Almighty God". Here Dickson Ek demonstrates his versatility by going the way of R&B and ballads.

The 12-track "Word Of God" CD was processed and mastered at Bona Vee Multimedia Laboratory, the recording facility of BONA VEE MUSIC (bmi/hfa), the value-for-money independent label.


(BVMCD 013) by Dickson Ek (5 tracks)

This new EP from Dickson Ek was released on New Year's Day 2024! It is surely the most fascinating Afrobeats recording ever. Dickson Ek sings in English, Igbo and Yoruba languages. The blending of a bit of rap with the thumping sound of the drums and the singer's soothing voice is something to behold. This EP is indeed a worthy follow-up to his 'Word of God' album.


(BVMCD 007) by Pap Leo (10 tracks)

*Do you really wanna dance? "PAP LEO'S Soukous tune, 'That's Life', is a masterpiece of melodious composition, scintillating sounds and pulsating rhythms", wrote Chris Seraphine - President, Caribtempo Communications Inc.

Born in Togo, West Africa, of Beninois parents, Pap Leo played guitar in his first band at the tender age of 13! He later played with the great Manu Dibango (of Soul Makossa fame), with whom he recorded two very successful albums. Coming to Nigeria, this Soukous/Makossa multi-instrumentalist played with several big names including Oliver De Coque (R.I.P), with whom he toured about thirty American States.

In "That's Life", Pap Leo reminds us that life is full of ups and downs and then goes on in "Ne Te Derange Pas", to advise us not to worry too much since there is time for everything, good or bad. Keep on loving one another, he sings in "Mi Gniwan Nou Mide", a song performed in Egun, a language spoken extensively across the West African sub-region. This is definitely Soukous/Makossa music at its very best - honestly!